About me

less_colour.jpg I'm Vera Lapitskaya - a dance artist and teacher based in Helsinki (FI), born in St.Petersburg (RU).

I’ve been always passionate about dance and movement, but my relationship with those has been changing through the years of observation and practice. In the period from four to seven years old I’ve watched almost all the ballet repertoire of Mariinsky Theatre in my home city, where classical tradition in dance has been praised more than any other. This is how my first dance preferences were shaped. Later on, when I’ve started my own dance training, I was desperately longing for the same virtuosity and refinement, and was fighting against my own perfection for many years.

photo:Svetlana Mikhailova

My first encounter with contemporary dance happened when I was nearly twenty and still it was strongly affected by the aesthetics of classical dance. My highest goal at that time was to become an excellent ‘dance reproducer’, i.e. master my skills in learning and repeating choreographic material - fixed material, which as a dancer you are not allowed to change. You can only master your skills in reproducing it over and over again.

My values and interests in dance started to change after I got to know some of somatic techniques. It was a slow process of sinking into the internal sensations and learning how to handle those, after years and years I’ve spent floating on the surface of my own body and physicality. The main lesson I’ve learnt from that practice was to accept changes, CONSTANT CHANGES. Changes in breathing, in muscle tone, in perception of my own body, finally, in movement which can be repeated many times, but each single time it feels different. Observing my body through the flow of changes was my first step to discover movement improvisation – the discipline which helped me to reveal my creative identity. In this process Julyen Hamilton was the person whose artistic and pedagogical approach had the most influence on me.

Passionate about creating dances in the instant moment of time – this is where I find myself at this period of my professional and personal path. In this passion I practice how to be attentive to all the changes which constantly happen inside and outside of the body while I’m creating dances. I practice to navigate between static conclusion and dynamic perception. I practice to deal with what is happening instead of what should happen. I practice to materialize the immaterial: to dissolve my ideas into the dances. I practice to create poetry through movement, sound and words.
“Poetry includes not knowing. Poetry notices, but it doesn’t judge. Poetry includes not only specificity of each particular element, but also uncertainty. And these two live together with no contradiction, with no conflict.” Julyen Hamilton.