2015 DanceAbility teacher certification program, Helsinki (FI)
2006-2009 North Karelia college, Outokumpu (FI) Movement and Performance Research program
2008 University of music and performing arts, Frankfurt am Main (GE)
2001-2005 Kannon Dance school, St. Petersburg (RU)
1999-2004 State University of St-Petersburg (RU) MA of psychology

ARTISTIC WORK (the most significant project)

2018 Polar and Sextant
Performance of dance, voice and text.
In the world of change some changes are overt, some covert.
This performance provides both evidence and sub-text to the worlds of the body, head and heart in their orbits.
Our tools are the body dancing, the head thinking and the heart in motion.
We speak simply - you watch and listen with all your complexity.
Concept, performance: Vera Lapitskaya, Julyen Hamilton
Premiere: 10.11.2018 at Caisa culture centre, Helsinki

IMG_2060.jpg IMG_2410.jpg
  photo: Edward Petroff   photo: Edward Petroff

2017 Waiting for Icarus
A duet piece which houses together dance, text, sound and objects. The artists on the stage use all these elements to create a performance where the distinction between dance and theatre loses its traditional approach.
Concept, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya, Paolo Cingolani
Sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
Production: NotaBene-art group
Supported by Association of Transcultural Artist in Finland
Premiere: 30.9.2017 at Theater Höyhentämö, Helsinki

Icarus.JPG          ICARUS_stage.JPG          
photo: Natalia Kochelenko photo: Natalia Kochelenko

2017 MatrЁshka Dating
Performance marathon and opening event of CulturaFest 2017. It is a selection of intercultural art projects that were implemented in Finland in 2017. A continuous artistic action is created based on the principle of a famous doll Matrёshka. Short performances appear one after another as part of one on-going performance, during which participants present themselves and their current projects.
Concept, curation, artistic vision: Vera Lapitskaya
Participants: Chekhov Machine Company, Cyclical enclosure, Eve Ribs, Ice, Kolme/Regina Launivuo, Let it Out (Anastasia Artemeva, Arlene Tucker, Sonny Black)
Matrёshka re-maker: Vera Lapitskaya
Production: Cutura säätiö, CulturaFest 2017
Premiere: 2.11.2017 at SES auditorio, Kino K-13, Helsinki

Matreshka.jpg  Matreshka5.jpg 
photo: Svetlana Mikhailova photo: Svetlana Mikhailova

2016 Slammed Stone
Solo performance where the instant becomes the only option. The starting point for this piece was to explore movement, sound and text as equal units of a creative material. Survive the irreversibility of time. Don’t miss the moment. Stay and listen.
Choreography, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya
Music and sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
Production: NotaBene duet in co-production with Fundación Entredós
Premiere: 9.11.2016 at Fundación Entredós, Madrid
Slammed_stone_PatrickBeelaert.jpeg SLAMMED_STONE_CAISA.jpg
  photo: Patrick Beelaert photo: Patrick Beelaert

2015 Faces of Nature
A part of interdisciplinary project Finlandia Rhapsody. It is an attempt to transform the language of visual images and sounds into the language of movement and dance. In this project paintings, music and dance meet together.
Concept:Hiroko Imada
Painter: Hiroko Imada
Choreographer, dancer: Vera Lapitskaya
Musicians: Nicholas Sabisky, Natalia Kochelenko
Supported by Cultural Department of Vantaa
Premiere: 10.10.2015 at Taidetalo Pessi, Vantaa


 photo: Hiroko Imada  photo: Hiroko Imada

This work was made both as a dance film and as a solo dance piece to be performed on stage with a video projection. The naked body of a dance is used as a screen where the text of manifesto is projected. Thus, the dance is becoming both a participant of the discussion and its embodiment.
Concept: Vera Lapitskaya, Natalya Nikolaeva
Choreography, dance: Vera Lapitskaya
Direction, video editing: Natalya Nikolaeva
Music: R.Penso "Romero"

Nobody_Yesbody.jpg        Nobody_Patrick_Beelaertl.jpg     
photo: Vera Lapitskaya photo: Patrick Beelaert


2018 Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE)
2018 The City of Helsinki
2017 Finnish Cultural Foundation: regional funding
2017 The City of Helsinki
2016 Finnish Cultural Foundation: regional funding
2009 BIDE: Barcelona International Dance Exchange


"NotaBene-tanssiteatteri auttaa keksimään uudet säännöt leikkiin /
 NotaBene dance theater helps to invent new rules for the game"
 read in Finnish

"I Solo Ment" - an article about the duet of Ann Van den Broek
Sivuaskel Dance Festival 2010, Zodiak, Helsinki (FI)
read in English

"Nuoret tanssintekijät valtasivat näyttämön / Young dance makers on the stage"
Review by Maija-Liisa Westman
read in Finnish

Mamuska Helsinki 2009, Zodiak
Review by Tiia Lappalainen
read in Finnish


from 2016 member of Catalysti ry Association of Transcultural Artist in Finland


2012 - 1st prize of dance film festival "Miradas al Cuerpo", Madrid (ES)
Nobody? Yes, Body! - dance film
Concept: Vera Lapitskaya, Natalya Nikolaeva
Choreography, dance: Vera Lapitskaya
Direction, video editing: Natalya Nikolaeva

2011 - prize of International choreography contest, Kajaani (FI)
Contact Note - duet
Choreographer, mentor teacher: Vera Lapitskaya
Dancers: Sebastian Lopez-Lehto, Veronika Yakushevich