in touch with yourself

This is a course of body and movement awareness.
Its aim is to widen the awareness, curiosity and perception of our own body.
The main way to approach this will be through movement and touch.
In the classes we will explore different forms of tactile sensations
and movements. We will learn to observe and to analyse their influence
to our feelings and emotions. We will learn to develop our ability and
sensitivity towards touch. We will practice different forms of movement
and touch individually, in the couples and in the small groups.

Our tactile perception is one of the most important and fine mechanisms
to experience the world around us. With the help of certain tactile
sensations we can decrease stress and bring our state of mind
to harmonious and peaceful functioning. Through the touch and
different forms of tactile sensations we can develop a deeper
awareness and understanding of our own body. Then we can learn
to see it as a whole mechanism which interacts with
our psychic and consciousness.

To participate in the class there is no need to have
any experience or special skills. Just come with an open heart
and mind and bring with your curiosity to explore.
For the classes you’ll need comfortable clothes
which allow you to feel and move freely.
video from the class


photos: Patrick Beelaert, Vera Lapitskaya