A performance which combines movement, dance and text as tools for building a stage dramaturgy. The artists are playing with an idea of complete and unfinished in each moment of time. They create a strong yet very subtle world to coexist with each other and take the audience into a dream-land journey where narrative story doesn’t exist. Movement as a solid element. Word as a flow of metaphors. Sound landscape as a streaming time which is never the same.

Concept, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya, Paolo Cingolani
Music, sound: Natalia Kochelenko
Production: NotaBene-art group
Premiere: 24.11.2016 at Galleria Kolmas Kerros, Helsinki
Length: 45 min



This is a solo performance where the instant becomes the only option. The starting point for this piece was to explore movement, sound and text as equal units of a creative material. During the working process we were researching how these elements can coexist with each other and equally contribute to the dramaturgy of the piece. So it became a  piece where the poetry of movement, sound and voice are arranged in the time of NOW. Survive the irreversibility of time. Don’t miss the moment. Stay and listen.

Choreography, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya
Music and sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
Production: NotaBene duet in co-production with Fundación Entredós
Premiere: 9.11.2016 at Fundación Entredós, Madrid
Length: 45 min