2009 "EMNASIA"


Solo dance performance. A close up of human emotions and feelings in a frame of physical body. Who is in charge? Are we in control our emotions or are they in control of us?

Choreography, dance: Vera Lapitskaya
Music: Ekkehard Ehlers, Ryuichi Sakamoto  
Premiere: 23.4.2009 Kevätkumpu festival, Outokumpu (FI)

2009 "Between"

You can't find a place which is good enough.
You think it's you, but it's your shadow.
You think it's your friend, but it's your enemy.

Choreography, dance: Vera Lapitskaya, Nadja Pärssinen
Music: Michael Nyman, Radiohead, Aphex Twin
Premiere: 11.6.2009 Kaktus festival, Helsinki