dance films


A symbolic manifesto about finding a path to one’s origin.
How can we get to live in a comfortable environment, instead of living in a place which doesn’t allow to breath freely.

Direction, choreography, video editting: Vera Lapitskaya
Camera, music: Natalia Koshelenko
Production: NotaBene duet



There're moments in life when each of us might get stuck with the circumstances. Some times we might feel desperate by not seeing any exit from that situation. But if we dare to brake through the walls and step out to the unknown the reward can be bigger than we expected.
Direction, choreography, video editting: Vera Lapitskaya
Music: Natacha Atlas, Nino Rota
Actors: Vera Lapitskaya, Natalia Koshelenko
Production: Movemen in Focus, NotaBene duet


Solo performance for camera and railway track. It is a video adaptation of a dance performance Solo № 2. The inspiration for this work came from the paintings of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso as well from seeing night dreams, where the transitions between one scene to another are often unpredictable and alogical.
Coreography, dance: Vera Lapitskaya
Direction, camera, editting: Natalya Nikolaeva
Music: Gaetano Donizetti "Una furiva lagrima"


This work was made both as a dance film and as a solo dance piece to be performed on stage with a video projection. It is an ironical manifesto about values of contemporary dance. The naked body of a dance is used as a screen where the text of manifesto is projected. Thus, the dance is becoming both a participant of the discussion and its embodiment.

Concept: Vera Lapitskaya, Natalya Nikolaeva
Choreography, dance: Vera Lapitskaya
Direction, video editing: Natalya Nikolaeva
Music: R.Penso "Romero"
Screening: UMove video dance festival - touring program
Awards: 1st prize of dance film festival "Miradas al Cuerpo 2012", Madrid (ES)