This is an interactive dance performance created as a part of interdisciplinary project Finlandia Rhapsody. It is an attempt to transform the language of visual images and sounds into the language of movement and dance. It represents another perspective to the Finnish nature which has been the main theme and inspiration of the whole project Finlandia Rhapsody. In this project paintings, music and dance meet together.

Concept:Hiroko Imada
Painter: Hiroko Imada
Choreographer, dancer: Vera Lapitskaya
Musicians: Nicholas Sabisky, Natalia Kochelenko
Supported by Cultural Department of Vantaa
Premiered: 10.10.2015 at Taidetalo Pessi, Vantaa


This piece is made in a form of a constant dialogue between dancer and musician. During the dialogue they explore the essence of transformation. Both artists avoid to hold any certain form of dance or music, but instead allow them to appear and disappear constantly. This performance is about a place of unknown which is inside each process of creation. It is about simplicity and complexity which can be found there.
Dance: Vera Lapitskaya
Music: Natalia Koshelenko
Production: NotaBene duet
Premiere: 27.08.2015 Galleria Black Box, Helsinki
Length: 30 min