"Polar and Sextant"

Performance of dance, voice and text.
In the world of change some changes are overt, some covert.
This performance provides both evidence and sub-text
to the worlds of the body, head and heart in their orbits.
Our tools are the body dancing, the head thinking and the heart in motion.
We speak simply - you watch and listen with all your complexity.
Concept, performance: Vera Lapitskaya, Julyen Hamilton
Photo: Edward Petroff
Premiere: 10.11.2018 at Caisa culture centre, Helsinki
Length: 55 min


"Map of The Unknown Land" 

Dance theater performance which reflects upon themes of identity,
communication and belonging to a place.
This work has been made in cooperation with
a group of international artists and young people of different cultural backgrounds living Finland. 
It is a metaphorical representation of the modern world 
where people want to be heard and accepted as they are.

Concept, direction: Vera Lapitskaya
Sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
Dance, text: Aida Tervo, Arina Laubert, Charalambos Gardias,
Isabella Mansnérus, Marija Ribakova, Melanie Rose, Penelope Gardias, Veronika Yakushevich
Production: NotaBene art group, with support of Cultura-foundation & Helsinki city
Photo: Svetlana Mikhailova
Length: 50 min





"Obvious Unexpected"

A duet piece which explores an interaction of verbal and non-verbal, of words and movements. The artists tend to their inner poetry and choreograph what emerges into instant dances. The piece curiously approaches verbal material through the physical experience. The artists use movement and text as two languages, they explore the mixture of these as an artistic practice.

Concept, text, performance: Vera Lapitskaya, Giorgio Convertito
Light design, photography: Cathy Walsh
Production: theater Höyhentämö
Premiere: 16.2.2018 theater Höyhentämö, Helsinki
Length: 50 min